Eclipse-mints-orange-and-cinnamon-flavoursResearchers have attempted to study the science linked to food cravings. It has long been known that high-sugar and high-fat foods trigger the activation of the brain’s reward pathways. This may be the key reason why some food products such as chocolate milkshakes can seem irresistible. A team of researchers from Oregon Research Institute discovered that a milkshake containing high sugar content greatly activates the brain areas linked to motivation and reward. These are the areas that would normally encourage a person to continue sipping the milkshake even though they are not really hungry. The scientists suggested two major strategies that can help you overcome your cravings.

One of the tips is taking a sugar inventory. Reduction of sugar intake is a good start for those struggling with overeating and sugar cravings. This helps a person to control their eating and it also minimizes heart attack risk. Other conditions that can be reduced by regulating the level of sugar intake include stroke, heart attack and type 2 diabetes. Knowing where you stand is the first step to cutting down on sugars. Write down everything consumed and note the amount of sugar consumed daily. Though crunching the numbers may take a lot of time, it is a worthwhile step. The second strategy is cutting back on sweet stuff. Trimming the sugar intake can have a great health payoff even if the sugar consumed is less than the standard levels set by AHA. One of the most effective and easiest means of cutting down on artificial sugars is eliminating sugary drinks such as fruit drinks, soda, sweet tea, sugary coffee drinks, and sweetened waters.