As a big part of the American population eats a lot of chicken, knowing how to handle it properly before cooking may prove to offer more food safety to consumers. Food experts have come up with a few food safety tips in order to make chicken (and other raw meats), as well as the kitchen, as pathogen-free as possible.

Automatic rinsing of the chicken just before cooking allows for bacterial cross-contamination. Rinsing has not proved effective in getting rid of pathogens on food. A better option would be placing the raw chicken meat in a baking pan and avoid splashing the water (that has touched the chicken) on the sink or on areas near it. This is to prevent cross contamination, as well. Then, wipe the counter with hot water mixed with a tablespoon of bleach. Soapy hot water can also be used as an alternative.

Wood cutting boards are always preferable over plastic ones. Plastic cutting boards always have to be sanitized in order to make sure that it is free from bacteria whereas wood cutting boards do not need to be subjected to sanitizing after washing it.

Hand washing prior to handling the chicken is always important. Make it a habit to wash and scrub hands and nails well. As much as possible when cooking, try to have short nails. This is because having long nails while dealing with raw meats and other food products invites bacteria to hide and accumulate under the nails. Wearing jewelry while handling raw food is also not advisable for the same reason: it invites bacteria.