Having the egg safety rule going into full effect is good news since the nuisance of salmonella infection will be a thing of the past. According to this rule, if Salmonella is found on the eggs themselves or in a laying facility, they can be treated in two ways. One, it can be pasteurized. Two, it can be diverted for non-food uses and the laying facility must be thoroughly sanitized.

I laud the existence and enforcement of the egg safety rule because with the rule in place, the recent rising cases of salmonella infections will most certainly decline. In fact, with the implementation of the rule, we are guaranteed that there will be a reduction in the numbers of salmonella on eggs by almost 60%. My only quarrel with the state is that this rule should have been made earlier and this way, we would not be having the salmonella infections that are now on the rise. What saddens me the most is that some of the victims are infants who haven’t even had the chance to enjoy life. This egg safety rule is indeed God sent. My only prayer is that everything should be done to ensure that the rule is followed to the letter. Human beings are bound to get used to rules and with time, abuse them. That is why it is important to do a regular check up on these egg producers to ensure that they are following the rules. In fact, producers who are found not following the set rules should be fined heavily and their facilities closed. When it comes to the safety of the food we consume, nothing should be left to chance.

In conclusion, in as much as the egg safety rule has gone into full effect, it is important to follow up and ensure that it is duly followed by all concerned parties.